IPM&Rian's Nadia Sarwar dream to empower women and make an impact by her activities..

Nadia Sarwar, an epitome of courage and hard work. She never spares even a minute chance to be better at life every day and always makes lemonade when life throws lemons at her. Word ‘’impossible’’ doesn’t exist in her vocabulary.
She recently represented Khyber Medical University and Pakistan in APFL 2017 in Malaysia. With the grand theme on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Asia Pacific Future Leader Conference 2017 offers full of inspiring talks by renowned international expert on SDGs, exciting cultural exchange sessions and a comprehensive leadership training that emphasizes on 5 APLI leadership qualities which are critical thinking, problem-solving, time management skills, public speaking and negotiation skills as well as problem-solving and decision-making skills.
In this conference, being a speaker she got the best speaker and leader award (Gold Medal and Shield).
Today, Nadia carries so many titles along with her name; a 4th year medical student, motivational speaker, trainer, blogger, content writer, entrepreneur, career counselor, soft skill specialist, debater, organizer, humanitarian and a social activist, all in one. Till now she has mentored more than 3000 individuals during the course of her career and continue to do so. And she claims to be a lifelong learner.  No doubt, she is a true example of dedication and consistency.