Prosthetics and Orthotics: as promising Rehabilitation Profession changing Research Dynamics in Thailand.

Inspiring desk is always eager to bring more exciting and informative episodes for the audience with its motto more improvised ‘’ Listen to get Inspire’’. In this episode, We got our honorable Guest from Thailand “Dr Muhammad Noman " he has done his bachelor's in Prosthetics and Orthotics from Thailand with incredible certification that received CAT-1certificate in bachelors from Sirindhorn School of Prosthetics and Orthotics Mahidol University. In order to gain clinical experience, he travelled a long way to Pakistan and worked at Pakistan Institute of Prosthetics and Orthotics (PIPOS )for 9 months .He mentioned to go beyond all the limits and barriers ,he struggled again to move to Thailand for Master studies .He completed his Master studies on a Research topic of Diabetic foot and study it's knitted association with prosthetics and Orthotics .He persuaded the students to change the dimension of their thoughts process in achieving their goals .He quoted that "Do not limit yourself to academic part of your profession but explore the value of your profession in the field of Research " . He explained thoroughly about his Post Doctorate Research studies going on in Singapore Institute of Technology for Research Activities. He briefly stated the research methodologies for example In-vivo method that emphasizes on foot model or shoes for diabetic patients, In-silico Amputation Model that is an applaudable Rehabilitation service , accessible Hip protectors for elderly patients and advanced technology of  EMG signaling in middle age or elderly patients of Alzheimer's disease .Our young Inspirational guest "Dr Muhammad Noman " motivated the students to merge the rehabilitation services ideas with mechanical engineering. He elaborated that design your equipment’s with more tailored and advanced techniques to make them more beneficial for the patients .In the question answer session, he step by step explained the enrollment process for Master studies in Thailand and directed students to choose common wealth scholarship opportunity .Also, he precisely narrated that as Prosthetics and orthotics they have significant role in supervision and management of people with disability. In closing part, Dr Muhammad Noman shared his thought that he as skillful clinician and Researcher aims to open a services Institute and Research hub activities that will benefit both students and the patient’s .He guided students to focus on their aim and expand their choices to prosper through more dynamic approach.