"Make a Living by Giving" an initiative by our Student.

Khyber medical university (IPMR) Zakkat committee is a team of likeminded people who believe that small efforts for students issues altogether can lead to extraordinary results with proper commitment and devotion. If we all start practicing the fact that no one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another because no one has ever become poor by giving.
An initiative taken by Janas Khan (IT manager IPMR KMU) and Nadia Sarwar (student of IPMR & Founder of the Committee) to help the deserving and needy students of IPMR in submitting their tuition fee by collecting donations. Nadia Sarwar has contacted different sponsors outside the university and collected donation of more than 5 lacs, Janas Khan has collected donation from university students and from his sources outside university as well. Total contribution up-till now in this cause is around 6.5 lacs. The key members of this committee are Director IPMR Dr Haider Darain, Dr Sajida Mazhar Associate Professor, Janas Khan and Nadia Sarwar (Founders of committee) and other faculty members. We have paid the fee of more than  20 students
in one year. That's a huge achievement indeed. We intend to take it to larger scale, with number of deserving students to rise exponentially each year. To help the needy and poor students who are willing to study but cant afford to continue due to certain reasons. We understand the hardships by the end of month of those families with low income, who are unable to fulfill their basic needs.
We request all the faculty members of Khyber Medical university to support us in this cause and lets all start doing your BIT for the world. Donate a little. Because it's enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something and make a living by giving.
Join hands together for this noble cause!!

If you want to make a contribution, please contact:

Haider Darain (Director IPM&R KMU)    +923419990915

Janas Khan (IT Manager IPM&R KMU)  +923366116633

Nadia Sarwar (Founder of Zakat Committee)     +923125187707