The internal curriculum committee of IPMR, conducted a workshop on OSCE / OSPE

The key competencies of rehabilitation specialists comprise a combination of knowledge and skills encompassing all three domains of learning. The skills and behavior of rehabilitation sciences student is critical to patient care and for improving the rehabilitation wing of our diverse healthcare system.  Students develop most of these skills and behavior throughout their learning phase in university. Khyber medical university has taken an initiative to revamp the curriculum of rehabilitation sciences to highlight and emphasize the teaching and assessment of these skills and behavior. Following the development of the table of specifications of all the rehabilitation sciences specialties, this is the first time the examination department of Khyber medical university is going to assess skills of the all the rehabilitation sciences students through OSPE.

 There are numerous affiliated colleges of DPT, BSOT, BS P&O, BSSLP, and BS audiology in the KPK region and most of the faculty is not trained to plan and conduct OSPE/OSCE. Keeping in mind the above mention scenario, the internal curriculum committee of IPMR, conducted a workshop on OSCE / OSPE on 20 July at Rehman college of rehabilitation sciences.80 participants from all the affiliated colleges of KPK along with the faculty member of other universities attended the workshop.

The workshop started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. madam sajida, Assistant professor IPMR briefed the participant regarding the reason for arranging this workshop followed by Miss Nazish-A-Qadir, lecturer, and coordinator of occupational therapy program, who conducted the workshop. The initial phase consisted of an interactive session about the conduction process, logistics, stations, and simulations used in OSPE/OSCE. After the interactive sessions the particpants were divided in to three groups  and task was given  to make station guidelines for students, examiner and simulation in 30 minutes. Faculty members of IPMR miss rida, miss afsheen , miss asma and teaching assistants of occupational therapy programm assisted participant in completion of their tasks. The task was followed by a mock OSPE exam in which the participants encted as students, examiners, and simulations. Feedback taken from the participant about the workshop was positive and everybody appreciated the initiative of faculty training by IPMR.

Prof dr Saleem gandapur , registrar KMU, and additional control mr nasurllah visited the workshop. While talking to the participants dr saleem put emphasis on the importance of Qbank and asked every faculty member to contribute to making MCQS and OSPE stations. refreshments were served to the participants and the workshop ended with a vote of thanks.