How to build bright future in Physical Therapy around the Hub of professional Globe; particularly in ‘’CANADA’’?


The inspiring desk uplifted the worth of its motto ‘’Listen to get inspire’’ by honouring the guest ‘’Dr kastir Gul kakakhel’’, an incredible physical Therapist professional with golden experience of 21 years. The journey of  Dr kastir as Physical Therapist is not only inspiring but it’s more than overwhelming .He did his BS Physical Therapy graduation from Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre and then went to United Kingdom (UK) for master studies from Cardiff University .The extraordinary  Professional life of Dr kastir began from king Khalid Hospital in Saudi Arabia ;where  he excel the clinical skills as competitive physical Therapist . Dr Kastir is certified in Basic Bobath concepts and also He is the dignified member of Physical Therapy Association of British Columbia and Neuroscience Division of Canadian Physical Therapy Association. He mentioned that his commitment with himself to prosper as clinician made him worked untiringly . He motivated the students by sharing his little ordinary academic life at BS level of study and then up growing to have inevitable academic and professional life. He said that; hard work and the unstoppable stimulus to work hard is perfect combination for success. The joy of success comes with a price and it is ‘’ from Dawn to Dusk I have to work ‘’.He added more while encouraging the students that to never get discourage by everyone’s say ;always stay firm on your decision then your future is always bright .He thoroughly explained step by step, how to visit Canada to start your professional life as physical Therapist? He mentioned that your degree course should be up to the standard of Canadian degree course .Then you have to clear written exam for application in your state and afterwards the clinical OSPE exam .After you successfully go through all the steps then you are eligible to work as certified clinician in Canada . He shared about the exceptional clinical services offered by his clinic in Canada entitled as ‘’Beyond Physiotherapy ‘’ and ‘’On the Go Physio’’ in lower Mainland, Canada .He mentioned that the aim of his clinical setup is to facilitate the patients with best and unique technology in use .Dr kastir Gul Kakakhel further pin-point the secrets to improvise the academic and clinical skills as budding physical Therapist by doing innumerable short courses related to Subject of Musculoskeletal ,Cardiology ,Neurology and Respiratory  .He made students familiar to Canadian environment by quoting that ‘’Canada has enriched diversity, there all individuals enjoy their freedom to prosper ‘’. He also highlighted the command our English linguistics is very important for securing your job in any foreign state .He summed up his guidelines about starting a professional life in Canada with a say that ; understanding of professional ethics is important component of any clinician life ‘’ .In the end  of session ,he efficiently with utmost patience answer all the queries of students and quoted that ;if you ask about opportunities in physical therapy ,I will say ‘’Physical therapy is a deep sea with no ends except excellence’’. The space is wide; you just have to work on your skills and methods to become successful and inspiring.