Connect the dots to learn; how to visit Norway and get your free education there?

The journey that Inspiring desk has started: with its motto "Listen to get Inspire” is source of guidance for millions of students, who aim to build prospering career in life. Our today’s guest is “Dr Muhammad Basit ", his introduction is as enriched and inspiring for our listeners as all other guests who graced other sessions. Dr Muhammad Basit did his Graduation in Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2018, from Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences (IPM&R) in Khyber Medical University Peshawar. He completed his Master studies in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine from Riphah International University. He has gained his clinical experience by practicing his theoretical knowledge and learning of professional education at Mission hospital, Peshawar and Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad. To advance his clinical skills, he succeeded in getting certified as Chiropractor from University of Oslo Norway .Now, currently he is working as Assistant Physical Therapist at Sikahus Hospital in Norway .He quoted that it’s important to learn that to stay focused is the key to achieve your goals. Always try to study in conceptual manner to get the precise understanding of your course content. When your concepts will be clear then you will be able to practice them to the best of your knowledge in intervening your patients .The physical therapy is all about your expertise in the clinical skills .He then stated that there are different individual fields of health care profession to master in Physical Therapy at Norway such as Psychological, Electrophoresis, Neurological and Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy. Our guest Dr Muhammad Basit also enlightened the minds of students about the standard and ease of getting education in Norway .He said the education in Norway is free, here you will get a lot of facilities in achieving your goals but to travel Norway you have to follow an authorized step by step process .That process is not difficult at all as long as you are committed and motivated. He helped the students to connect all the dots that lead to securing their admission in Norway by scholarship. He briefly explained that there are two chances for you to apply as they take new admissions both in summer and winter season .The summer session is from Aug to September and winter session is from October to November. Then, He mentions that to search different scholarship opportunities in Norway universities; type UDI in search engine i-e Google. There you will be directed to choose university and course .Any single course you choose is free of cost but if you choose multiple courses then each would be charged separately .In completing the registration form ,you would be required to submit your HSSC documents, your current degree transcript e.g. DPT transcript ,IELTS certification ,and any of your research paper or research work if published, tax office number (National tax number ) , your bank statement of previous one 1 year and also  mention your source of earning .To elaborate more in detail ,our guest Dr Basit also briefed about the other important steps of process such as that your Identity card must be in English language and all your documents first will be verified from BISE then foreign Embassy. Afterwards, this subject of "How any student can visit to Norway by completing all steps of process " he acknowledged the students about skill based immigration that demands you to have 1 year clinical experience that you can gain by practicing at any old age home for 6 months as an intern and 6 months internship in any hospital of your state. In the question/ answer session the Honourable guest and skilled physical therapist Dr Muhammad Basit wisely satisfied the curiosity of students related to choice of language in Norway , Grades or GPA required , Scope of course in study  , practice and work setup and job opportunities. In the answer to a student question about grades and choice of language, he answered that you should have 3.5 GPA on your transcript and when you visit Norway, you must learn Norwegian language with its B2 level certification. He concluded his session by quoting that “Always start by taking small steps towards your short goals then it becomes easy to hit the long term goals while struggling hard in your journey.